Patrick (patrickwonders) wrote,

Cerebral Unsharp Masking

My left eye is distinctly worse than my right even when wearing my contacts. This got me to thinking. If only I could learn to chromatically invert the color coming into my left eye, I may be able to unsharp mask with my head. Of course, I forgot about Mach bands until I read the article I just linked to.

The Mach bands would definitely be fighting me rather than helping me. But, then again, my left eye is bad enough at the moment, that I can't really perceive the banding effect much anyhow.

But, this got me to thinking about whether I could extend the unsharp masking technique to other areas. Can I do philosophic unsharp masking? Can I take the most precise impression I can form of logical positivism, muddle it, invert it, and see what's different from my precise impression?

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