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Worms, Roxanne....

I heard a guy from Australia talking on NPR yesterday morning.
He added a few extra letters when pronouncing words. It's a
symptom often found with newscasters trying to say ``nuclear''.
So many of them say, ``nukuler''.

This guy was pronouncing ``China'' as ``Chiner''. I can't recall
any of the other words he was embellishing.

It's intriguing.

I can understand that languages mutate into regional accents and
all. But, I wonder if we'll ever have efficient enough global
communication to get an even accent across the planet. I suppose,
by the time we're that coherent, we'll be settling in other star
systems and we'll have regional dialects again.

From a phenomenologic standpoint, one would think that language
itself has the survival instinct. It certainly perpetuates itself. It
mutates to fill niches. Darwinian linguistics, baby....
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