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Ask LJ... for word lists

Okay, I have this idea for a type of crossword puzzle. Making crossword puzzles (the dense kind that show up in the newspapers) is really an art, and I'm not sure I have the skills for it. The twist I have in mind makes it way more than an art and way beyond my confidence in my skills.

So, I wrote a computer program to fill in the grid.

Now, the problem with this is worms. Worms, Roxanne.

I have Scrabble word lists and /usr/dict/words and cracking dictionaries. But, I need more. None of these sources are concerned with two letter abbreviations or 12-letter phrases and place names.

On top of that, I refuse to publish a crossword where you'd have to know the words yobbos and durbar to solve it puzzle.

Before I uniq Project Gutenberg and Wikipedia, anyone have any suggestions about where to find a reasonable blend of words? Ideal would be a collection of 10,000 or so solved crossword puzzles (in electronic form).


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