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More code visualization...

Adding onto my recent post, I now have some code which reads the output from dprofpp -t. So, if you've got some Perl code that you'd like to visualize the calling structure of, you can profile it, run a script to turn the dprofpp(1) output into a nice set of Lisp forms, and run another script to show those forms with the GLUT viewer.

Here's the results from a run of one of my cron jobs. My cron job usually runs against 134,000-ish students and teachers. This profiling info was from just those whose email address begins with 'a'. But, that's a big enough hunk that the actual results are probably really close to this.

Perl profiling output viz

The latest version of the code is v0.6.2008.05.07. Alas, it looks like I should expand(1) everything before uploading.

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