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"Fun" with Web Sites

Okay, it's no secret that I'm a web-nazi. If your web site is more clutter than content, I hate it. If your website has things in the Site-Map that you cannot get to any other way, I hate it. But, that's not all that I hate....

First culprit, RoadRunner.

A few weeks ago, I was trying to figure out how cheaply I could get a static IP address for my home firewall. I have several choices of vendor through my cable company. So, I was trying to price them all. The RoadRunner site, after url-forwarding me about six times, crashed all of the web browsers on my machine (except Lynx). I was running Mac OS 10.2. The site crashed: Safari, OmniWeb, *and* Internet Explorer.

I have since upgraded to Mac OS 10.3. Now, all three browsers can show me that page. OmniWeb gets stuck doing refresh after refresh. But, the other two browsers seem unimpressed.

Next culprit, WUSA.

Two weeks ago, I saw a bit of the San Jose CyberRays playing on TV. I thought to myself, "I'm going to be in San Jose next week. I wonder if they'll be playing while I'm out there. Why don't I check?"

So, I checked. I still have no idea. But, it turns out that I'm not in San Jose right now as I thought I would be anyhow.

The "Schedule" button on the home page has a pop-up menu with one item in it: "2004 Festivals Schedule". I have no idea if there is more or less going on in the WUSA than the "2004 Festivals". But, alas, the schedule will only show me the next 7 days. There are no games in that time.... at least not in the festivals.... at least not that they mention....

Anyhow, several places on their site also mention games that are happening at The Home Depot Center. I just now, stumbled upon a place on their site which mentions that The Home Depot Center is in Carson, CA. Before that, I had a hunch that it was somewhere in California. But, California is a sizable state.

Writing this now, I seem to remember watching one of the last WUSA games of last season and hearing that there wouldn't be a season this year at all. Maybe they're only doing this festival thing.

Latest culprit, AVP.

This page is too cluttered for me. The clutter gets worse because some of the boxes which are supposed to be in the left sidebar float toward the right and stumble under the text of the page when I'm not viewing it with a blessed browser.

And, looking at the page again now, it's my fault that I didn't bother to read the tiny text in the bad font in the black and grey boxen at the top that lists the dates and locations for each tournament. But, their other pages are still broken.

I was thinking of gathering people to go watch the tourney in Chicago. So, I went to the Tickets page. There, I noticed a tournament in Honolulu. I thought, heck... I'm gonna be in Hawaii later this summer. I probably won't be in Honolulu for long if at all, but I should see what dates that tournament is. Well, that page tells me the prices for Beach Club Passes (One Day or Weekend) and the price for Reserved Section Tickets (One Day or Weekend). It tells me that the Beach Club Pass entitles me to enter the AVP Beach Club tent, to have lunch, and to have dinner. It gives me a link that describes the history of the tournament. Nowhere, in any of that, does it tell me the dates.

Fine, I'll go back and go to the Schedule page. Nowhere in that content will you find the words "Honolulu" or "Hawaii". So, it's either the Aquafina AVP Shootout presented by Bud Light at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Or it is the AVP's Best of the Beach presented by Paul Mitchell at Queens Beach.

So, I read the description of the Aquafina one to find out where that is. It turns out that it's at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. You know where that is right? I mean, it's right near Centennial Hills Park and Sunset Park. You know where those are, don't you? There are hints later in the page that it's in Las Vegas. [They mention that men's player Casey Jennings was raised in Las Vegas and that Las Vegas used to be a "King of the Beach" event.] But, they could easily say somewhere at the top that it's in Las Vegas... in Nevada... in the continental US....

It turns out that Queens Beach is in Honolulu.

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