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NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship

If you happen to be near the Twin Cities on December 16th and don't happen to be attending a company holiday party and would like to watch the Championship match on ESPN2 (HD), drop me a line for directions to my place.

The NCAA webpages have the championship brackets.

Here are my predictions for the regionals, semis, and finals.

  • Regionals (Round 1)
    • Nebraska over San Diego in 4. Nebraska in 3
    • Florida over Minnesota in 5. Minnesota in 4
    • Hawaii over S. California in 3(??). Hawaii in 5
    • UCLA over Oklahoma in 3. UCLA in 3
    • Penn State over Purdue in 3. Penn State in 3
    • Washington over Ohio St. in 5. Washington in 4
    • Texas over Wisconsin in 4. Texas in 3
    • Stanford just barely over California in 5. Stanford in 3
  • Regionals (Round 2)
    • Nebraska over Florida in 5. Nebraska over Minnesota in 5
    • UCLA over Hawaii in 4. UCLA in 3
    • Penn State over Washington in 4. Washington in 4
    • Texas over Stanford in 3. Stanford in 4
  • Semi-finals
    • Nebraska over UCLA in 5.
    • Penn State over Texas in 4.
  • Final
    • Penn State over(??) Nebraska in 5.

So, there were only two matches where I correctly guessed the winner and the number of games. And, there were three games out of twelve where I picked the wrong winner.

Here are revised guesses for this weekend.

  • Nebraska over UCLA in 5.
  • Washington over Stanford in 4.

Leading to a rematch of last year's final...

  • Washington over Nebraska in 4.
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