June 26th, 2001


Stair Walking

When I walk down stairs, I don't have an even
gait. It takes a great amount of effort to
force one upon myself. If I just go down the
stairs, I have a sort of ``pa-dum, pa-dum'' rhythm
working. The amount of time between the fall of
my right foot and the fall of my left is much
shorter than the time between the fall of my left
foot and the fall of my next step with my right.

Why is this?

Do right-handed people usually lead with the
right foot? Do ambidextrous people have more
even gaits?

Little kids often always lead with the same
foot, stopping both feet on each stair to begin
the next stair with the same foot. Did I lead
with my right?
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Tennis Scoring

Was there a time when tennis scoring was done in more
reasonable increments? 0 --> 15 --> 30 --> 40 --> Game
is more than a bit odd.

I mean, at least the infield fly rule has some logic to it.
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