July 10th, 2001


Security through Obscurity

Surgeon General David Satcher was on The Diane Rehm Show
this morning. His office just released a report urging a more
total sexual health/ sexual responsibility/ sexual education approach
in this country. One of the questions he addressed this morning is
how we compare to the countries with the most progressive sexual
education programs. The answer (*shocker*) is that we are far worse
off. The most active sex-ed countries are Germany, France, and
Netherlands. We have five times the _per_capita_ teen pregnancy
as Germany or France and ten times that of Netherlands. We also
have a hugely disproportionate _rate_ of abortion.

In computer security, there is a common phrase:

Security through obscurity isn't.

If you think it's safe just because you think no one knows where it
is or what it is, you're wrong.

I wonder when the rest of society will catch up.
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