October 12th, 2001


Remembering things...

Jerry and I were talking on the way to lunch today about
why things like lobster magnet get
stuck in our heads. The thing that it reminded me was that all of
the ``Mega-Memory'' sorts of things tell you that when you want to
remember something, make it weird. If you want to remember where
you are leaving your keys, don't set them down and think ``Okay, I'm
putting my keys here.'' That's way too mundane. Your brain's job is
to filter out the status quo and bring to your attention the things that
stick out. Put your keys down and picture them exploding violently,
making the faces in the photo on the wall change to expressions of
horror. Or, put your keys down and imagine they turn immediately
into chocolate syrup that drips off the edge of the bookcase and stains
the rug.

I wonder if the transition from working memory to short-term memory
or from short-term memory to long-term memory can be modelled as
a low-pass filter?
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