October 26th, 2001


Chiral Stadia

I was listening to NPR on the way into work this morning
(every morning). Today, as I arrived, they were talking about
the New York Yankees being in the World Series again. They
were saying that their opponents (whoever they are... I've
managed to miss that) have an uphill battle. The oppenents
have only two really strong pitchers. But, the sports-guy said
they did have another hope. They have this other pitcher,
``He is left-handed. He hasn't had the greatest season, but he
has good control. And, Yankee Stadium was a stadium built
for left-handers.''

Umm?? How did they manage that? Is there a big mirror along
the first baseline so that a left-handed pitcher can see first, second,
*and* third base the whole way through his windup? Is there a big
flashing billboard just to the right of center-field so that the batter
can barely see the left-hander's arm just before the release of the
ball? What was he talking about?
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