November 20th, 2001


Frame of Mind....

Today, one of my co-workers was helping a friend study for a C++
test. I was struck by how often he said things like:
``What the compiler is doing here...'' and ``So, the compiler says...''
and ``As far as the compiler is concerned....''

What struck me about this is that it's *the* thing that I always
find myself going back to when teaching people things about
programming. If you understand where the compiler's coming
from... what information it has at its disposal... etc., then you've
got an incredible point of reference for dealing with the language.

WWyCD -- What Would Your Compiler Do?

Anyway... it got me thinking that most literary writing is
writing to express something. You know what you want to
say. You say it.

Hacking is not so much expressive as ``inspressive''.
You know what you want to say. But, you aren't writing so
much to satisfy your flowery side. You're writing to get the
compiler and processor to understand. You've got a very
specific target audience.

You're not broadcasting, you're whispering.
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