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Must... reach... utility... belt....

Oi.... my brain is so sluggish right now. I am entering day four of mind-numbing toothache (dentist appt. tomorrow). Fortunately, if I take 600mg of ibuprofen and 1500mg of acetaminophen often enough, I have very little pain. However, my brain is so friggin' empty right now.

I had to concentrate very hard to answer simple questions like "Will that be all today?" I had lags of several seconds before my brain caught on that they were asking me a question... I was expected to answer... and the answer was very simple. Then, the "paper or plastic?" question at the supermarket.

I'm actually not finding this too difficult---typing sentences and such. But, I am not at all in interactive mode. Wowzers. I wonder if the pain-killers have put lags into my input-processing or in my reaction-mechanisms or where?