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What are your skeletons?

I've heard bits and pieces of the Alito hearings. It got me thinking about what a committee could dredge up about me, you, the cashier at the store, the guy on TV, etc.

Can I remember how I felt about anything that I wrote in 1985? Not bloody much. Can I believe Alito has no recollection about being in CAP? I'd be astounded.

That's neither here nor there though. Actually, it is there. But, it's not here.

I've been thinking, today, about things that I've written and groups that I've been in since Reagan took office. There were some applications. There was some poetry. There was lots of technical (math/computer) stuff. There were groups to which I've given money. There were groups in which I participated.

The only thing that I can see coming up in a hearing where my character is on trial is my participation in the Bi/Gay/Lesbian group on campus or my pro-choice work. I stand by both of them. I stand by them to the point that I'd immediately lose all respect for any body that would boot me for that support.

Of course (not that Alito shouldn't suffer for claiming membership in CAP), the ones that get ya are the ones that blind-side you. Sadly, I can't see in my blind spot. So, we'll have to wait and see if I'm ever in front of such a panel.

But, I wonder... I wonder what they'd find about me. I wonder what they'd find about you.