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Inside a child's mind...

To be proud...

Saturday, I was getting Isaac's shoes on him to take him to his favorite restaurant Leeann Chin. He grabbed my arm and hugged it close to his face and said in his sweetest tone, "Daddy, I am sooo proud."

I said, "What are you proud of, Isaac?"

He said, "I'm so proud of Leeann Chin's."

How to manipulate suffixes...

Sunday, I was shaving. Isaac said, "What that, Daddy?"

I said, "It's a razor."

He said, "It's for razing you."



More inside Isaac's head....

I forgot to mention this one in my previous post:

Sunday night, we were driving. There was an omnious cloud out ahead of us. I said, "Isaac, that cloud looks like it want to rain. Did you know that, Isaac? Rain comes from clouds."

Isaac angrily told me, "No, it doesn't. Rain comes from red and white."