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Need to kick some Lisp tires...

So, there's a game that I've been wanting to write for a long time now. Until recently, I thought my only option was going to be a long-winded C/C++/SDL/OpenGL/SDL_mixer thing with some sort of hack to let me script the NPCs in something more scripty than C++. Now, I'm thinking that maybe Lisp could replace the C/C++, make it not so very long-winded, and give me a much better land for writing the NPC logic.

To test this idea, I was planning on working on something simpler first to kick the tires. Thanks to some bad Priceline-ing on my part, I may be sitting in an airports and airplanes for sixteen hours or so on Saturday. That's a good chunk of kicking.

My first thought was [... Thank you, Teddy Bear. I just answered my own question, but I will continue on with my thought. ...] Frisbee Golf. It'd be quick to implement. I could easily kick the tires on some OpenGL/SDL under Lisp. But, it was lacking any need for NPC logic and any need for real-time network interaction.

So, I was looking for ideas for a simple project that would let me kick the tires on OpenGL/SDL, NPC logic, and network interaction from Lisp. I already have OpenGL and SDL and socket bindings for Lisp. I have to look into SDL_mixer.

Ideas are still welcome, but the Teddy Bear said I should try Frisbee Football. It can have pretty simple physics and really simple NPC logic. If I go with cylindrical-ish people and a flat playing field, I can kick OpenGL without spending my whole sixteen hours in Blender or writing model-loading code. Plus, if networked, it would have to actually do useful network stuff to keep people synchronized. (In the Frisbee Golf case, there really isn't any need to synchronize.)

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