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Still Learning...

I've started doing some things in Lisp, as you may have noticed. But, I find myself thinking that there are probably already functions or macros out there that I should be using instead of duplicating.

I started thinking, there should be a standard set of exercises one can go through to get familiar with a language. I'm thinking about starting a web forum with exercises where people can post solutions in various languages and discuss why one way is preferable (within a given language) to another way of going about the same problem. In some ways, the site would become an evolving Cookbook for multiple languages.

Anyhow, that's not why I'm posting here. I Google-d for lisp exercises. Most of the top results all end up pointing to this short list of exercises. This is a great set to start with. It's very short. None of them took very long to do. And, you needed multiple tools to tackle them.

But, I'm not satisfied with two of my solutions.

So, I ask LJ... (aka Boba)Collapse )
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