November 12th, 2008


Some really beautiful code...

My previous post understandably prompted a request or two for what I believe are good examples of the type of code that I'm looking for. Here is one piece of code that I had in mind. This is a Lisp version of an example program that was originally written in C. The C version is quite good. The Lisp version is nearly perfect, in my opinion.

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This code still has some issues (all issues shared with the C version).

  • In this code, years and days are entirely independent.
  • It is not obvious from this code what the arguments to (glut:wire-sphere ...) mean.
  • It is not obvious what the arguments to (glu:look-at ...) mean.

Almost everything else is completely transparent to one who knows enough Lisp. Even without knowing Lisp, (flet ...) is the only thing that may not be readily obvious from the formatting and naming conventions.

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