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The Ebay-Jeebies

Yesterday, I made my largest and least-confident ebay purchase ever.

I bought a laptop New, Sealed In Box at 25% under list from someone who has only been on ebay for two weeks, only has one bit of feedback, and that feedback says the seller tried to talk the last buyer into paying outside of Paypal.

Further, the seller has only one other item for sale. It went on sale 1/2 way through the 3-day auction that I won. The other item has exactly the same description my item has.

Paypal gave me one bit of information that I didn't have available from ebay: the seller's email address.

Searching the web for that email address turns up only one hit: a myspace page for a 25-year old mother of two who says (on myspace) that her income is over $250,000/year. The last day she logged into myspace was the same day that my seller joined ebay.

Googling her name and hometown (as listed on myspace) shows she was arrested last month for possession of drug paraphenalia in one of two simultaneous narcotics raids that nabbed 16 people in a city of only 25,000.

So, I'm psyched about the laptop. At the same time, I'm more skeptical than I'd like to be that it's going to show up. Assuming it shows up, I want to be sure it's not stolen before any of my Paypal and Ebay protections run out.

Can anyone out there with an Apple computer that's less than a year old (and without AppleCare) tell me if this form tells you the purchase date and/or the purchase location? [I don't yet have the serial number. It's printed on the box though, so I plan to poke around the web for that serial number before unsealing the box.]

Edit: the Location of item: field matches said hometown of 25,000.