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Is 90% good enough....

So, I've wanted to rework my website for some time now. Right now, it's very static. I want to make it much more newsy-bloggy, but not one big monolithic blog.

I want to flag articles with certain categories. Then, I want to use subdomains to highlight different categories. For example, I want math.nklein.com for posts with math-related source code, explorations, explanations, etc. I want people to be able to comment on articles. I want the people and the articles shared so that you don't need/want an account on each subdomain and so I can have the same article appear in multiple subdomains.

I also want pages for different things. For example, iphone.nklein.com may be a top-level list of articles about various iphone projects I am working on, while iphone.nklein.com/spell-it might be a more detailed collection of articles about the children's spelling game that I'm working on. Oh, and I wouldn't want to use the same layout/theme for every subdomain.

I have now done a fair amount of work with Drupal and Wordpress and Wordpress MU. None of them cut it. So, I'm faced with maybe rolling my own. But, that seems like overkill.

What I cannot do in the others...Collapse )

So, if someone has a recommendation that can keep me from inventing a lot of wheels that already exist, speak to me....

Edit: It looks like the Domain Theme plugin for Wordpress will do another 5% of what I want and should be mimickable for the other 5%. Note to self: search for domain when looking for help with subdomain.