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Plane Transformations with Complex Numbers and Clifford Algebras

A good friend of mine recently discovered some of the fun things you can do with complex numbers if you're using them to represent points in the plane. Friday, I re-read a passage by Tony Smith about why one should be interested in Clifford algebras. Tony Smith's passage included all of the fun one can have with the complex plane and extends it to three, four, five, and more dimensions. I thought, I should segue from the complex numbers in the plane to Clifford algebras to quaternions in 3-space to Clifford algebras again in a series of posts on my website.

I have posted two articles in that series so far:


New Business Card...

Business Card design

I designed new business cards to go with my new website.

They should arrive just in time for the Inaugural Meeting of the Twin Cities Lisp Group.