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Foxes and Dingbats and Wizbangs. Oh, My!

On MPR this morning, they were talking about Obama's Health Care speech in Green Bay yesterday. This reminded me....

The boys and I happened to be eating at a convenience store/gas station/diner at the time. The TVs there had the speech on through Fox News. During the last fifteen or twenty minutes, Obama was taking questions from the audience. Fox News talked over some of that portion with an amazing dingbat.

One of the stats that Obama mentioned several times in the speech is that there are 46 million Americans without health insurance (and many more for whom the cost will soon be too great). The dingbat that Fox News had on said approximately:

What nobody's talking about is: if we insure these 46 million other people and bring them into the health care system, are we going to have enough doctors and nurses and nurse practitioners to care for them? I mean, it already takes weeks for most of us with health insurance to get in to see the doctor. If there are 46 million other people fighting for those appointments, how long will take us then?

Seriously? You've got to be kidding me. What the F@#% sort of argument is that? And, they call Obama an elitist?

The wizbang host from Fox News was, of course, nodding along and eating this up. Arrgghhhh.


First TC Lispers Meeting A Success

Crossposted from my other site.

The first meeting of the TC Lispers group was a big success, IMO. I was figuring on an attendance near 20. My estimate is that it was really right around 40. That left us a little cramped in the meeting room at the Cafe, but we managed. We also lost the room before the presentation portion of the meeting was completely done, so there wasn’t much time for mingling. Actually, there was apparently a patio where people mingled afterward. I didn’t see this and took off too early. Mea culpa.

The presentation at this first meeting was on NST (not an abbreviation or acronym, but a sound effect /unsst/) which is a testing framework for Common Lisp. John Maraist did the presentation. He was a lively presenter, definitely had a good grasp on some dark corners of Lisp (like exactly what’s involved in the underbelly of MOP). Being a Haskell hacker though, he had some strange opinion that Lisp would be better if only it had strong typing. Well, what can you do? I mean, it’s not like he kicks puppies, I suppose. 8^)

It was great to see so many Lispers at so many levels there. About six or seven folks worked at Honeywell at some point in the past. Apparently, Honeywell had lots of Lisp development at one point. Who knew? About six or seven folks (overlapping a bit with the previous group) currently work at SIFT. There were some University students, a University teacher, some Ruby folks who wanted to see what Lisp was all about, some Lisp hobbyists, some independent consultants, some folks who can get Lisp in under the radar in their jobs, and on and on.

The next meeting is going to be 6pm on Tuesday, July 14th at the Common Roots cafe on 26th and Lyndale in Minneapolis. The topic is not quite set yet, but it seems like it might be a series of short talks on introductory aspects of Lisp.

There’s much discussion going on on the mailing list about finding a bigger venue for August and onward. There’s much discussion about exact topics for next month’s meeting. If you’re able to make it to the Twin Cities on a Tuesday evening, mark your calendars and come on out.

(assert (>= tclispers-meeting +fun+))

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Google Maps: Bus Stops

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Some time back, I noticed that Google Maps shows bus stops in some places. They just started showing them around my neighborhood. I clicked on one. Not only did it tell me what bus routes use that stop, it told me when the next departures are for each of those lines. Yay!

Go Google!



GMail Confusion...

While Google Maps rocks, GMail is less than intuitive sometimes.

I have my incoming mail sorted so the newest stuff is at the top. No big deal. Most mail programs in the last ten years have let you sort ascending or descending by date.

Now, if an email comes in that's part of a threaded discussion, the web interface to GMail puts the thread as the first thing in the mailbox, but then shows the thread with the oldest message in the thread at the top. The net result to me is that I printed out four drawings that I thought were brand spankin' new that I had really printed out two or three weeks ago.