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The "Fundamentals" of "Thought"

Raphael loves to pull books off the shelves in the living room. Lately, he has been handing me Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought by "L. Ron Hubbard". [all quotes there are mine]

I flipped it open yesterday. I have not tortured you all with the song that has been stuck in my head recently, but I am going to torture you with what I read in this "book":


As there must be a playing field (see Chapter Twelve) for a game to be held, so there must be havingness. One must be able to possess.

There are millions of methods of possession in life. The obvious one becomes overlooked. If one can see a thing he can have it—if he thinks he can.

The degree to which one can live is the degree to which one can own. To own is not to label or cart away. To own is to be able to see or touch or occupy.

One loses to the degree he is forbidden to have.

But to play a game one must be able to believe he can't have.

Effect and Have

Effect and have form a pair like attention and identity.

An effect should be on or against something. Thus havingness. If one's attention never meets anything he doesn't always like it. Thus he wants objects.

Effect makes distance. Have shortens distance.

Now, because I am a nice guy, I will help you reset your brain with quotes not from "L. Ron Hubbard":

  • If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college. – via Lewis Black
  • The Linear and Inverse Vectors merge in Zero. – from Diuretics: The Science of Matter Over Mind.