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Isaac's Catalog

Isaac has a little catalog in his head where he stores every wrong that has ever been done to him.

  • I: Why does that say Stee Ack House?
  • P: It says Steak House. It is a restaurant that sells steak.
  • I: Let's go buy some steak!
  • P: No, we're not going to buy steak right now.
  • I: Why not?
  • P: Two reasons: first, they are closed; second, it's expensive to buy steak in a restaurant. I think we already have some at home in the fridge.
  • I: One time, Grandma said she had steak in the fridge, and I trusted her. Then, she couldn't find it.

Oh, the humanity.


The Speed of Spam

Long story about why I am using a webmail client...Collapse )

Anyhow, today I was cleaning out the Inbox for the addresses-of-questionable-utility. Note: I had my hosting company's spam filter turned on on that Inbox, and it caught zero messages. I had 2595 spam messages. I hit the Check All button. Then, I scrolled down through the list in the (probably vain) hope that if there are any real messages, I might spot them. Then, I hit the Delete button.

When the page refreshed, I had 630 more messages. I did the same for those messages. I had 21 more messages.

I have now turned off the catchall feature. I don't expect this to stop the flood control. In fact, bouncing all of the messages should take more time than filing them. And, I won't have any chance to catch the good-addresses that I didn't know I knew.

I have also resolved to switch hosting companies by the end of next week.