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NPR Dreams

I have no idea what they were talking about on the radio this morning when I was half asleep. Here's what I took from it though in my dreamy haze:

  • Barack Obama is married to Maria Schriver
  • Maria Schriver is 88 years old
  • She is going to die before a State Dinner tomorrow night
  • Barack Obama will still attend the State Dinner
  • There are only three ways he can kill her before tomorrow

So, there you go... a news update just for you.



I currently use SMC Retrospect to backup my Mac to DVD-R's. It is incredibly annoying. It makes a coaster about every fifth disk.

I currently have 48 Gb worth of stuff to back up and get off my drive by Tuesday.

Suffer through 25-30 DVD-Rs with Retrospect? Try to find a cheap tape drive somewhere? Start a farm of 1TB external drives? Bueller?