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FileVault + TimeMachine == BrainDead

Today, I got a RAID set up on my Linux box and decided to start Time Machine backing up to it.

Between Guides 1 and 2 here and this nice page, all was going smoothly until I told Time Machine to go.

When I told Time Machine to go, it warned me that some of the accounts on this machine are encrypted using File Vault. Time Machine will only backup files from File Vault encrypted directories when you are logged out (pronounced: never, in my dialect). Further, it will only backup the whole directory hierarchy as a chunk. If I need to restore anything, I need to restore the whole directory hierarchy and pick out what I need.

Whose crazy idea was this? Certainly, if my Time Machine backup is going to be unencrypted, then this makes a modicum of sense. To me, however, all Time Machine backups should be encrypted. As such, it makes sense to back up individual files and to do so only when I'm logged in.

To add to the injury, my drive is too full at the moment to let me turn FileVault off. I have to back up some stuff and delete it so that I have enough room to turn off File Vault so I have a reason to turn on the damn backup software. I should not have to back things up to start using my backup software. Seriously.