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Write To Your Elected Representatives....

eyelid's post reminded me.... Yesterday, I wrote to my federal representative and my federal senators to ask that they fight for a strong public option in the health care legislation. Without a strong public option, we will never control costs or achieve anything close to universal coverage.

Write your senators and representative. It'll only take you a half hour to look up their opinion on health care, cheer or chastize them for that opinion, tell them what you want out of this health care "reform", and address the envelopes. [Yes, the envelopes. Hand-written letters make a bigger impact in their minds than typed letters which make a bigger impact in their minds than emails.]

For those in Minnesota:

  • Al Franken's senatorial site has no information on what he's doing or has done. Franken's campaign site says he's in favor a universal coverage in a single-payer system. YMMV.
  • Amy Klobuchar's senatorial site lists all of the ways she's fought to keep health care costs down on drugs and care and to expand coverage. It says she favors regulating the insurance industry better and expanding the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program to give everyone access.

For those in my neck of the woods:

  • Keith Ellison's website says he has signed onto a letter saying he won't vote for a bill unless it has a strong public option.