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Dear TavernOnFrance.com,

Dear TavernOnFrance.com,

I tried viewing your website today from my iPhone.  As your site is
100% Flash, I cannot see it from my iPhone.

I then tried viewing it from my Macbook Pro running Safari under
MacOSX 10.6.  No dice there either.  I see a flashy animation of a T
and hear some snappy music forever.  There is never any text.  Never
anything to click.  And, eventually, my browser totally locks up so
that I cannot even go back to the previous page I was on.

I was thinking about eating there tonight, but I can't get a sense of
the menu... so maybe some other time.


ps.  I tried sending this to you in email.  Alas,
www@tavernonfrance.com and webmaster@tavernonfrance.com
both bounce.  Thanks for playing.  Stick to the yellow