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D-minus Double Bad

Last night, I saw a Dacotah Paper Company truck much like this one.

I can't read the subtitle on the one in the above image, but I don't think it's the same as the one on the truck that I saw. The side of the truck that I saw said:

Dacotah Paper Co.
"Serving The Region Since 1906"

The egregious use of quotation marks here gives the impression that the subtitle is not so much fact but the allegation of a single person. It is one man's testimonial, not something that is generally accepted.

Further, I have always hated the idiom: [Doing something] since [some year]. They are trying to convey: [Doing something]. Established: [some year]. What they are getting across to me is that even this one dude wouldn't assert that they were anything more than a thorn in the region's side prior to 1906.