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Being Alive is a Pre-Existing Condition

I just saw a blurb on CNN saying that Democrats are blowing things out of proportion by saying that insurance companies consider Being a Victim of Domestic Violence to be a pre-existing condition. The reality is that 42 states have laws against letting insurance companies do this. They have the laws because insurance companies used to do this. In the other eight states, the insurance companies that CNN queried claimed they do not do this.

If there are going to be private health-insurance companies (and I don't think there should be), I propose we simply ban Pre-Existing Conditions. If an insurance company offers plan X at Y-dollars per year to anyone, it has to offer plan X at Y-dollars per year to everyone. This is group health insurance where every subscriber is in your group.

The problem with the above proposal is that many people would forgo insurance at all until they've been diagnosed with a serious condition (like Was Just in a Car Accident). This has to go along with some universal coverage scheme. The universal coverage scheme would probably have to include a mandated Every Provider Must Provide a Plan That Covers at Least This Stuff (or 'as much as Medicare') for This Amount of Money or Less provision.

This should be easy for the actuaries. It is much easier to get real numbers on the whole population than it is to get real numbers on a hand-selected group of folks. Set your rates accordingly for your plans.

[Been coding a bunch the last few days, and I just tried C-c C-c to recompile that last paragraph. 8^)]