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Calendar Fun...

Maybe I'm just a sucky parent, but the days that Isaac has off of school always come as a complete surprise to me. He started telling me yesterday that eyelid and I were going to be going with him to his school a week from tomorrow. Trying to figure out what he was talking about, I consulted the school's online calendar. In doing so, I accidentally discovered that there is no school tomorrow.

So as to be ready next time, I have subscribed to the ICS publication of their calendar. When I did so, I discovered that the entry that says there is no class tomorrow says there is no class from 4:20pm through til 4:20pm on Monday. I thought this suspect since it would be much clearer to say no school from 7:30am to 4:20pm Friday and say it again on Monday. I called the school to verify. There is no school tomorrow (or Saturday or Sunday), but there is school on Monday.

Whee! So much for my master plan of staying informed.