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One of the things that I'm responsible for in our house renovations is the low-voltage wiring: network, speaker, phone, tv.

It is unclear whether it will be better to do it this weekend or next weekend. I may not know until Friday afternoon. If you would be interested in helping me string wire, I'd appreciate a hand or two at around noon on Sunday.

My plan is to get all of the wire runs in place and put in any needed junction boxes. I do not intend to wire up the face plates yet. For now, the goal is just to get everything set up so that the insulaters know what they need to get around and the dry-wallers know what they need to cut out.

ps. Check back here for an Edit before coming over, in case the electrician isn't far enough long to let me know where I shouldn't run speaker wires.

set no60hz

Edit: I will probably only run phone and coax this weekend. The electrician hasn't given me a clear enough idea yet about where the electricity is going to run for me to effectively route speaker wires. It also looks like the HVAC wants to blow hot air into the bottom of my TV. Hmm.