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Last fall, I began working on a browser plugin to crowd-source image descriptions of social media (and other web) images to aid visually-impaired people browsing the web. I finally got enough ducks in a row on that project to make big strides over the last two weeks.

Oh-Caption Logo: Cat meme picture with speech bubble that says: 'Oh Caption!' Oh Caption, My Caption!

The plugin is available for Chrome, right now, and Firefox, as soon as it gets approved there. I have tested it without screen-reading assistance and with VoiceOver on Mac OS X. I have plans to test it myself with NVDA, JAWS, and Window-Eyes on Windows, and Orca on Ubuntu. But, there is only so much good that testing myself can do (especially since I am a complete novice with a screen reader).

It is at a point now where I'd like to open it up to a few people for feedback before going completely public. If you're a sighted person who wouldn't mind transcribing memes or a visually-impaired person who wouldn't mind lending an early hand in this endeavor, please send me an email /pat@nklein.com/, and I will point you to the documentation on how to install and use the plugin.