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Amusing semantic overlap...

So, at the moment, my work computer is being repaired. (Actually, it's done, I just didn't bring a vehicle today, so I can't bop out to get it.) Anyhow, I've been using my laptop for both my home and work computer. This is annoying since I like to keep my work e-mail away from home and vice-versa.

Anyhow, this morning, I got a UofMN email saying:

The CSH myU news channel is now using the new URL. The channel's contents should update from the feed source within two hours.

I was confused. I must have gotten cross-mailbox contamination. Surely, myU had no connection (other than me) to Computer Science House.

Alas, the CSH in question here was "The Center for Spirituality and Health". Wheeee.... I suppose it's basically the same thing, right? :)

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