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Everything at once...

Many weeks ago, something short-circuited in the dining room's ceiling fan. We could still turn it on and off with the little pull-cord but not with the remote control (yes, remote control ... a whole different story).

A week ago, our dishwasher broke in the most fun way. It lost the ability to shut off the water. It did this in the middle of the night. It flooded the kitchen floor and dining room happily filling and filling long after its timer said it shouldn't have to bother draining any longer.

Monday or Tuesday, the little pull-chain for the ceiling fan broke off leaving our dining room in the dark.

We bought the new dishwasher on Sunday but couldn't pick it up until Wednesday. I got a late start on Wednesday because I was at the going-away party for a sysadmin that I don't know how we'll manage without. The dishwasher didn't come with enough parts to actually install it. I didn't realize this until after the hardware stores all turned into pumpkins for the night.

So, I got it all installed Thursday after work and before volleyball. But, my connection leaked. After volleyball, I got it all put together in a way that doesn't leak. So, I loaded the dishwasher at 12:30am.

I did not install the new feed shut-off valve on the line to the dishwasher. I need a wrench to move the old one, but both of the candidate replacements I bought leak air when I blow through them no matter which way I have the knob turned.

Today, I had off of work (random holiday). I bought a new chandelier for the dining room, a new light switch with sister RF remote switch, and a few other switches to replace some X10 switches that were on the wrong circuit to control anyway and had shorted (more than a year ago) leaving us with no porch light.

Got the chandelier all wired up, turned on the breaker, and stood staring at the light in the dark. I then spent the next two hours mapping out every wire that went in and out of the switch box and in and out of the light box. After all that, on a whim, I did continuity tests on the wires in and out of the chandelier itself. Someone in China wired the light so that one wire going into the light was connected to both terminals in the light bulbs and the other wire was connected to neither terminal. Bonus. I ripped apart the pre-wired portion and replaced the wire there with the half of the wire that I had trimmed off when I installed it the first time.

Finally got the switch with sister remote all wired and light bulbs all in just in time to get Isaac from daycare. After getting him, I installed the other two light switches to get porch light again. Then, I set to cleaning up my mess.

In cleaning up my mess, I broke the little pull-chain off of the light in the storage closet in the basement. So, I sat down to write this. When I sat down, I discovered that my Linux box (which I had powered down before I began flipping breakers) will no longer power up.

I thought I was caught up.

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