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The little one is approaching three weeks old. He doesn't wake us up terribly often in the night, but it has thrown off my whole rhythm. I am wiped out at the moment, but suspect I will again having trouble falling to sleep when it actually comes time to do so.

I got over a few humps in my Lisp binding for OpenMPI. The big blocker had been convincing OpenMPI not to register its own handler for bus errors. SBCL actually employs bus errors in normal operation. I spent a long time thinking that linking in the OpenMPI library corrupted memory. Fortunately, it hadn't. Things are very stable now.

At the moment, I can pass arrays of simple types around. It doesn't look like CFFI is going to make it terribly easy for me to extend this to complex types. But, we shall see. Right now, there's enough up and running that I can probably start working on the first piece of code that I really wanted to use OpenMPI for.

Tags: lisp

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