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I Hate Computers

So, I wanted to start writing some iPhone apps.

It took me about a day to get the iPhone SDK downloaded with the terrible time I was having getting the email from Apple through my webhost and into GMail.

I run the iPhone SDK Installer. It says no dice, you need OS 10.5.

That takes four days since apparently Retrospect 6.1 writes flags into HFS that makes the 10.5 Disk Utility mad. So, I wiped the disk, installed 10.5, then restored a bunch of stuff. The restore gave every file of mine permissions 0775 and owner pat/admin. So, I spent about six hours making all of that more reasonable.

Yay. Now, I've got my source code and dot files again. It's time to install the Developer Tools and the iPhone SDK.

Yay! Now, the iPhone SDK installer runs. But, Not Yay! Then, it tells me that I can install four things that I already installed with the Developer Tools, but I cannot install the actual iPhone SDK because I need an Intel-based Mac for it.

As an added bonus, my 20”-Cinema Display quit powering on when I moved it upstairs for Election Night.

The upshot is that I don't have enough hardware to actually develop iPhone Apps. Erf.

My expected iPhone App revenue stream justified the $130 I spent on OS 10.5. I am not sure they justify the $675 I would need to spend on a Mac Mini. Also, the way that VNC works on Macs, I don't think I can bum an account on a friend's box and use it remotely. Wheee....

Plan B is to try to get a small revenue stream started by writing one of the things I had planned to make an iPhone app as a desktop thing... but that involves making a way for people to buy licenses and all that jazz. Erf.

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