Patrick (patrickwonders) wrote,

Business Idea....

Let me start by saying, I am the wrong person to start a business like the one I am about to describe. I suppose that I should also mention that I make no promise that you could make it a successful business adventure.

Tragic things happen. When they do, the loved ones affected have things on their mind. The world continues on around them. Usually, family and friends step in to take up some of the slack. However, in very tragic situations, the family and friends are also very affected. In extended hospital stays, family and friends may end up on the hook for keeping the patient's effects in order for weeks on end while still having their own chores to manage on top of frequent visits to the hospital.

It would be nice if there were a service that could step in to:

  • Keep the bills paid on time
  • Look after the children:
    • Get them to and from school
    • Make sure their homework gets done
    • Feed them
    • Get them to and from their after-school activities
    • Get them to the hospital for visits
  • Care for the family pets
  • Screen calls and take messages
  • Pro-actively reach out to employers and relatives to explain the situation
  • et cetera

Obviously, there would be some big hurdles to making this work well. Most families aren't going to have a detailed disaster plan that such a company could start from. So, the business would have to find a way get a bunch of information quickly from people who'd rather not be talking to people (let alone strangers) right now.

I think most of it could be managed though in just a half-hour of interaction per day or so... getting less as the length of the engagement increases....

Anyhow... idle musings.... Especially since I have a hard enough time keeping up with my own kids and remembering when my own bills are due....

Tags: idea
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