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Hall Hall

I was wandering the halls a bit ago. I was going to go sit in my
favorite spot in this building and just relax a little bit. But, two
people were in my spot. So, I sat in a spot that should be just
about the same, but isn't nearly as cool. While I sat in the not-so-
-cool spot, I was thinking that the cool spot may well be my
favorite spot on campus.

But, then I realized that there is one spot on campus that I like
better. It's on the residence side though so it's not too convenient
from work. Actually, I'm not even 100% sure the spot is still there
with the way they've renovated lately.

Then, I was thinking about how I would describe that spot. And, I
couldn't remember if it was under Peterson or Bell. Then, I was thinking
that all of our dormitories are named after donors or famous folk:
Gleason Hall, Nathaniel Rochester Hall, Ellingson Hall, etc...

Then, I was thinking.... ``What if someone named _Hall_ had
donated? Would they really have called it _Hall_Hall_?''

Now, this made me wonder, do people who stutter have an
easier time with repetition than non-repetition. Is the second
instance of ``Hall'' easier because one just got his brain and
tongue around it once?

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