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Ebay Jeebies (take three...)

Brief timeline:

  • Saturday at 8:00pm-ish: Bid on laptop.
  • Sunday at 10:00am-ish: See I won the auction.
  • Sunday just after that: Pay $2050.00 on a Discover card via PayPal
  • Sunday afternoon-ish: Start poking around at seller's identity.
  • Monday all day-ish: Start freaking out that there is no laptop and dreading having to jump through hoops to get PayPal/EBay to refund me.
  • Tuesday at 2:00am-ish: EBay pulls the auction and PayPal launches an investigation.
  • Tuesday at 3:00pm-ish: I email PayPal asking what sort of timeframe I should expect.
  • Wednesday at 9:00am-ish: PayPal tells me they try to resolve everything in less than 30 days, but some things take longer.
  • Wednesday at 4:00pm-ish: PayPal closes investigation and reverses the charges.

So, I'm all back to even. Go EBay and PayPal! Yay!

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