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Things look nice in lisp...

So, very often for things that I'm toying with, I want to have a polynomial that meets certain criteria. For most applications in the past, I have sat down and figured it all out by hand.

Today, I was having trouble getting the conditions that I wanted specified enough to get the sort of polynomial that I was expecting. After finding the coefficients for several sixth degree polynomials in a row, I figured I should instead be able to do something like this with the proper lisp:

(calculate-polynomial-subject-to (value :at 0 :equals 0) (derivative :at 0 :equals 0) (nth-derivative 2 :at 0 :equals 0) (value :at 1 :equals 1) (derivative :at 1 :equals 0) (nth-derivative 2 :at 1 :equals 0) (value :at 1/2 :equals 3/4))

That's all done now. So, for the record, the above is:

26x3 - 63x4 + 54x5 - 16x6

Which is still not quite what I'm looking for for this application, but it's close.

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