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So, I've wanted to rework my website for some time now. Right now, it's very static. I want to make it much more newsy-bloggy, but not one big monolithic blog.

I want to flag articles with certain categories. Then, I want to use subdomains to highlight different categories. For example, I want for posts with math-related source code, explorations, explanations, etc. I want people to be able to comment on articles. I want the people and the articles shared so that you don't need/want an account on each subdomain and so I can have the same article appear in multiple subdomains.

I also want pages for different things. For example, may be a top-level list of articles about various iphone projects I am working on, while might be a more detailed collection of articles about the children's spelling game that I'm working on. Oh, and I wouldn't want to use the same layout/theme for every subdomain.

I have now done a fair amount of work with Drupal and Wordpress and Wordpress MU. None of them cut it. So, I'm faced with maybe rolling my own. But, that seems like overkill.

Wordpress is very interested in knowing its domain name. As such, I would have to hack into lots of places to make the permalink URL on an article be anywhere other than the main domain. Additionally, I would really have to bend some arms to theme each subdomain differently. There's also a fair bit of ugly involved in composing a page and having it aggregate some subset of articles into it/onto it.

Wordpress MU, I would have to bend some serious arms to share posts across subdomains. Additionally, I would have the same problems getting pages to aggregate the articles that I want.

Drupal is not so polished as Wordpress. Every time I use Drupal, I feel like there is some book everyone's read since they were a little child that I somehow never heard of. I feel like there are people to whom Drupal makes sense. I'm not one of those people... at least not confidently so. Anyhow, Drupal has a subdomains module that purports to let you make a subdomain out of a category [that is to say, out of a vocabulary in the taxonomy]. I have not gotten this to work in any way shape or form. Additionally, I think I would end up making it mad when I want something in two different subdomains. Of course, I can't tell yet because there's blippo for docs on it. I may have to dissect the source.

So, if someone has a recommendation that can keep me from inventing a lot of wheels that already exist, speak to me....

Edit: It looks like the Domain Theme plugin for Wordpress will do another 5% of what I want and should be mimickable for the other 5%. Note to self: search for domain when looking for help with subdomain.

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