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Busy weekends...

My brother-in-law got married on May 2nd. Both eyelid and I were in the wedding party. The May Day parade was on May 3rd. eyelid and Isaac were in the parade. That weekend was busier than the preceding week.

This weekend was not so busy, but still very active. The baby slept terribly Thursday night and Friday night last week. Saturday morning, we went to synagogue. After that, we stopped to visit eyelid's Grandpa for a bit. Then, it was home to start baking a birthday cake Isaac's belated birthday party. Sunday, we cleaned the whole house, went to the coffee shop, pulled off said birthday party, went to the gardening store, planted some plants, and cleared a bunch of leaves that had collected near our fence.

This morning, I just want to sit hunched over somewhere. Alas, it's time to get Isaac moving for school.


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