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Clifford Algebras for the Non-Mathie

I was at a party last night. I mentioned to someone that I was a math geek.She asked, What kind of math are you into now?I said, I really want to learn about Clifford Algebras.She replied, What are they like?Me, I did the deer in headlights thing. I had no idea of her [...]

Trying to Short-Stop Iterated Functions

If a function is pretty fun, why not do it again?My post yesterday about the Mandelbrot set got me thinking again about iterated functions. With the Mandelbrot set, you start with some complex number and with . Then, you generate by doing .Here's another way to write this iteration. Let [...]

A Different Look at the Mandelbrot Set

When you see pictures of the Mandelbrot set you are seeing the results of iterating a function over and over.For the Mandelbrot set, you take a complex number . You square it and add the original number. You take that, square it, and add the original. You do this a number of [...]

Finding Better Polynomials

Some time ago, I wrote a small domain-specific language for finding polynomials given their value or the value of their derivatives at particular points.It occurred to me shortly after writing that code that I could easily extend it to include the value of its integral over a certain range. I didn't get to tackling [...]

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Code Clarity Revisited

In an earlier post, I showed a simple loop written in several programming languages. The loop had to sum the weights of each items in a list. Dmitry pointed out a much clearer loop in Lisp using the (loop ...) construct.1(loop for item in item-list sum (weight item))I then twiddled for the better [...]

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Study with Me: Enter Snail Mail

I have not received a response from the rights department at Cambridge University Press about using one of their books to publicly study Clifford Algebras. I sent a follow-on letter in snail mail. It should be arriving there today.Hopefully, I will hear back from them soon. If I don't, the questions become: [...]

eReader 2.1: The Unbotching

I mentioned earlier that eReader totally dropped the ball on free content by dropping support for and other free eBook sites.I am happy to say that this functionality is restored in the latest version of eReader. I just tested it again to make sure it works. It seems peppier than before, too. [...]

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