Patrick (patrickwonders) wrote,

New Community... [give_me_menu]

Ever want to go to the store and come back with a useful collection of food stuffs?

Occasionally, I plan out a few nights' meals in a row, go to the grocery store, buy stuff I need, and cook from the plan. This works splendidly. I spend less at the grocery store. I don't spend a bunch of time staring at the refrigerator thinking, I could make this if only I had that. I get to the end of the week with an empty refrigerator instead of having some past-prime items in the crisper that will never be crisp again.

So, I'm looking to outsource some of the menu planning so I can occasionally just snag a menu on the way to the store. I created the give_me_menu community to serve that purpose.

Come on over. Add a shopping list + menu. Take one that's already there. Eat. Be merry.

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