Patrick (patrickwonders) wrote,


Shortly after I awoke this morning, I was looking across
the room at the mirror on Hannah's wall. I was looking at
it from an angle where it could have been either a mirror
or a window into another half of the room. I couldn't see
myself in the mirror or anything that was between me and
the mirror that would have seemed odd to be in both rooms.

But, I couldn't make myself think it a window. I can usually
do this. I can do this in restaurants and bathrooms and such.
I can do it in Hannah and I's bathroom at home. I can do it
in the bathroom mirrors here. I look at the mirror and can
transition between thinking of it as a reflection and thinking
of it as a window into another volume.

I couldn't do it with that mirror this morning. I can do it
with it now. I am suspecting that the difficulty was caused
by the fact that the sunlight streaming into the windows was
casting shadows that were just incongruous enough when flip-
flopped by the mirror to cause part of my to rebel on it.
But, I couldn't consciously put my finger on any such things.

The sun is down now though. And, the shadows in the mirror
look simply like shadows cast by a lamp in the mirrored position
in the ``room through the window''.

It seems to me that my mind knows that the sun is far enough
away that it has a different relation to the house than any
man-made item can possibly have.

I wonder how I first experienced mirrors as an infant....
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