Patrick (patrickwonders) wrote,

Buy home collider today!

The subject of this post is the subject line of some spam I just got. There are two ways that I can picture home collider. I'm not so keen on a stainless steel one that will fit nicely on the kitchen counter. But, I love the image of houses zipping around a large ring at 95% the speed of light smashing into each other.

For a moment, there is a really unstable house with 9,000 square feet and 15 bathrooms. Soon, though, it decays into a studio apartment, two three bedroom bungalows, and a few negatively charged outhouses.

On a similar note, I found another house listing today with an amusing typo. This $250,000 house has 22 bedrooms. And, this is an empty lot that you could put 99 bedrooms and 99 full baths on.

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