Patrick (patrickwonders) wrote,

Dream Time

Growing up, my brother Matt and I played lots of football in our front yard with whomever we could find to play.

Last night, I dreamt that he and I were playing football in that yard with two instances of arvindn. The yard was pretty much as it was when we were kids (huge pine trees down the side where the picket fence now is), but Matt and I were only slightly younger than we are today.

My brother and one of the arvindn instances were on my team. The arvindn instance on my team is probably fairly close to my brain's conception of what he would be like IRL.

The other arvindn instance was playing defense. Three-on-one. Sounds fair, eh? Further, this second instance of arvindn was not so athletic as the other instance. He was more of a cross between the other instance and the Zaboo character from The Guild.

I was quarterback. Somehow or other, we managed to pull off two incomplete passes in this three-on-one situation. This brought up third and twenty-five (by the time we were older, there were no first downs in the yard).

Desparate for a big play, I reached into the bag of tricks for the receiver option. I was going to pitch it out to arvindn who would throw it down-field to me or my brother.

arvindn went in motion. I called, Hike! I pitched the ball out to him. He didn't look back. The ball went skittering behind him as he broke down-field.

I hurried over to pick up the loose ball. By the time I got to it, my brother looked immensely far away at the back of the opposite end-zone. arvindn #1 was still trucking down the sideline yet to look back.

arvindn #2, now wearing a cheesy green wizard's robe, was coming back to tackle me for a safety. He was already within ten yards.

I faked right and ran left. I spun. I cut back. I ran about 12 yards up the left sideline past the crab-apple tree. Fatigue hit me like a ton of bricks, and my muscles slowed in a way that only happens in my dreams (though, quite often there). arvindn #2 was just about to get a hand on me.

I woke up before he touched me thinking, This is ridiculous.


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