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I got my hair cut last night. Something about the backwards cape they used to keep my departed hairs off of my clothes reminded me very much of the earliest hair cuts that I can remember as a kid. It didn't have the same smell. The lighting was much different. But, there was something in the weight of the plastic and the way it fit around my neck. It all had me feeling rather boyish... rather seven-ish....

Anyway... So, when she pulled out the big honkin' razor to zap the sideburns, around the ears, and along the back of my neck I was thinking a bunch about how much that used to tickle when I was six or seven.

What's changed? I've got a bunch of theories. One is that my skin has become weather-beaten and thicker over the years. Another theory is that my nerves have just grown less interested in reacting to non-painful stimuli. Another theory is that my brain has just decided that a little tickling on the neck isn't worth fretting about and thus ignores the stimulus. But, the theory that I like the most is that I have the same number of nerve endings now as I did when I was six, but my body has significantly more surface area than it did then.

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