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I'm not a music person....

First, a little preface.... I've been doing too much drifting and not enough focusing for a bit. I'm going to make it a habit to post here at least once a week. I'll keep stuff behind a cut, so I don't suddenly flood y'all's friends pages. 8^).

I am so not a music person...

I'm pretty sure that I've never had an LJ post that says to which music I was listening.[*] There have been times when music was actually playing while I was posting. Some of those times, I even set the music a-playin'. But, I don't much care.

I have no point of empathy with music people. There is music that I like. There is music that I do not like. But, there is no music that "means something to me as a person". There is no music that "takes me back to how I felt that summer when I [insert signpost from road of life]". There is no mood that I am ever in that "would be better if I had that CD with me".

At least, this is how I usually think about it. It all got more complicated last week though.

On occasion, I plop in some music which is good for hacking. But, most days I go without music. When I'm in the car, I listen almost exclusively to public radio.

Last week was Minnesota Public Radio's pledge drive. I can take the pledge drives for three days or so; but by the end of pledge week, I am wandering the dial. This is the only time I ever change the radio station at all.

The first station that I found last Thursday night on my way to volleyball was an all 80's station.[**] I'm fairly certain that while I was listening to The Boss pelting out "Glory Days" (which definitely falls in the "I do not like" category), the world felt like a better, more peaceful, more hopeful place to me. This feeling persisted through all sorts of 80's inanities to which Bruce could not even hold a candle.

It seems like the music of the 80's has soaked into me at some level. It's not at any level where my dial will be back in the 100's before the next pledge drive. But it's definitely in there.

[*] Errant pedantry and all that jazz.

[**] "'The New Mix 104.7' is your 80's station." I checked for new meanings of 'new' in Webster's. I think they're in the weeds on this one. Hannah suggests that they didn't mean "The (New Mix) 104.7" but rather "The New (Mix 104.7)". I think their cadence prevents such a conclusion, but anyhow....

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